Political Party Time

Stars Align for Obama, Romney's Southeastern Swing, and an End to Partying?

Well, Partiers, it looks like it's finally happening - the party is winding down. People are clearing out, the fridge is nearly bare, and the last bag of chips has been reduced to mere crumbs. Even the lobbyists left. But it's not quite time to start the big clean up just yet.

With the election just a couple weeks away, politicians are amping up their campaign efforts in a last ditch effort to persuade every undecided voter. This is true up to the highest level, as both the Romney and Obama camps have noted that their candidates will not be appearing at any more fundraising events after this weekend. This leaves less time for "partying" (what we call fundraising around here), and Party Time has noticed the difference. Our records show the number of political fundraisers is steadily declining as lawmakers hit the road, falling from the convention season high of 414 per week to this week's low of only 22. (Download every invite PT has ever collected here to look at the data yourself!)

Party's Over!

But there are still plenty of interesting fundraisers happening all throughout the week. Peek below for an overview of next week's best. And we're always looking for more invites, especially as they become more scarce - upload any you have right here. Thanks!

Romney's Final Fundraiser?; Ryan Still on the Road
Overall, the Ryan/Romney ticket has raked in a respectable amount of green, surpassing their goal of $800 million for the election and raising $170 million in September alone. In fact, the Romney Victory Fund has been so successful that the campaign is canceling high-paying events in order to make more appearances in crucial swing states.

Making good on this plan, Rep. Paul Ryan has attended two funders in the crucial state of Florida. The first was a $25,000 dinner at the Old Collier Country Club in Naples, the second was slightly different - a $10,000 VIP reception and then a $25,000 dinner, this time at the beautiful St. Andrews Country Club in Boca Raton. But the main event comes on Saturday, as Romney himself attends what could be his last fundraiser, a $50,000 dinner in Palm Beach. What makes this interesting is that it's hosted by Marc Leder - you may remember him as the "47% fundraiser" host. Leder has said he feels like he owes Romney after the last fiasco - will he redeem himself or will there be more drama the second time around?

Workhorse Ryan will be on the trail again Saturday for his third event in as many days, this time attending a $5,000 reception. It takes place in Short Hills, NJ, a town that's known for having a mall so extraordinary that it has it's own wikipedia page. He'll follow that up with a VIP Reception on Oct. 26 boasting a truly all-star team of Republicans -South Carolina Sens. Lindsey Graham, Jim DeMint, and more will be on hand to talk shop and take pictures. But bring a good camera at least - photos run you $25,000 per couple.

Because Ryan and Romney have been so busy, they're letting some proud surrogates take the reins for them. Dick Cheney and Josh Romney (who recently became famous in his own right by looking quite menacing during the last presidential debate) will stump for the Republican presidential hopeful at a luncheon that runs guests anywhere from $1,000 to $25,000. According to the Romney sons, Josh is likely the one to follow their father's trail of public service - could this be the beginning of transforming him into a major political player?

Hollywood Helps Obama
The stars of LA are out in full force in the upcoming week to drive Obama to victory (not that he necessarily needs their help). The first event on Oct. 22 features a performance by "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" singer Cyndi Lauper, who actually does still perform, and thespian Alan Cumming, whose career has spanned the James Bond classic "GoldenEye" to "Spy Kids." The fundraiser also includes a silent auction, and will cost guests the low price of $500 to get in.

Later in the week Michelle Obama will be attending a fundraiser at the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air's house, along with A-list actors and West Coast VIPs: Salma Hayek, Kawanna Brown, Rebecca Carter (Lady Gaga manager Troy Carter's wife), Mai Lassiter (wife of Will Smith producing partner James Lassiter), and Jada Pinkett Smith. To get a photo opportunity with the first lady, supporters must pay $10,000 per couple, and to be an event co-host, the cost is $40,000. But it only costs a dirt-cheap $2,500 to get in the door to this high-profile event!

Finally, the latest (and last) Chords and Conversation with James Taylor will take place on Oct. 26. Taylor has been an avid supporter of Obama since 2008 (though he supported Sen. John Kerry beforehand), and has hosted events throughout the years. The performance will cost $2,500 as a guest, but $20,000 as an event co-chair.

Ronald Reagan Dinner Brings Republicans Together
Though all conservatives have the same ideology, they do have disagreements. But if there is one thing that they can agree on, it's that Ronald Reagan was the greatest American hero to ever walk this Earth. And Republicans are celebrating his legacy at the Iowa GOP Ronald Reagan Dinner on Oct. 24. Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell, RNC Chairman Reince Priebus, and conservative talk show host Jack Hunter will be in attendance to benefit the Iowa GOP. Tickets are still available, ranging from $5,000 to $50.

Deb Fischer Teams Up With Rubio - Again
One month after her Cupcakes and Champagne reception, Nebraska Senate candidate Deb Fischer is again calling upon Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., to help propel her to victory. This time around there is reception costing up to $2,000 per couple - though no cupcakes are promised at this fundraiser. What a rip-off!

Though the fundraising season seems to be winding down, it certainly won't end completely. Look for fundraising to continue well after the election - after all, the candidates have to pay for their increased campaigning somehow!

Until next time, Partiers!