Political Party Time

PDFS - Post Debate Fundraising Syndrome, McCaskill Responds, and Fall Getaways!

Maybe you watched it on NBC. Perhaps you streamed it online. You might have even caught it right here at Sunlight Live. No matter what screen your eyes were glued to, and no matter who you think won the first presidential debate (can we all concede that the biggest loser was Big Bird?), the fundraising show must go on.

And go on it will. Check out highlights of the week's calendar below.

Presidential Fundraising:
This weekend has become an absolute blockbuster for White House hopefuls. Obama has a non-stop schedule of fundraising out West that we detailed and discussed in a recent blog post. His modern-day gold rush includes two concerts (with artists like John Legend, Katy Perry, Stevie Wonder and more) and two top-of-the-line dinners - one of which will feature cuisine crafted by Alice Waters and Tyler Florence - the bill for that will run you $20,000. And this doesn't even include the up to $40,000 per plate breakfast with Bill Clinton in LA, nor the $10,000 Mimosa Reception with Dr. Jill Biden hosted by fashion icon Andre Leon Talley.

But the fun(-draising) won't stop there. The Obama Victory Fund has six more events planned this week, such as the newest installment of "Chords and Conversation" with James Taylor (he's done this before, folks), and the "We Are One/Estamos Unidos" rally in Miami. The O-force will certainly be rolling in the green this week.

But the Romney campaign won't be lagging too far behind. VP candidate-turned- fundraising megatron Paul Ryan will return to his home state on Saturday for a dinner at the elegant Pfister Hotel that escalates to $100,000 if you'd like to be a "Founding Partner." The next day he'll be at a brunch in Illinois that costs a minimum of $10,000 to grab a seat (but rises to a maximum of $75,800). In this week's "Blast From the Past Fundraiser," former-VP Dick Cheney will be the special guest at round table right outside D.C. To see Cheney it'll cost you, though - $5,000, to be exact - but when is the next chance you'll get to hear "Darth Vader" speak?

Romney will also be getting a boost from an unlikely source - GOProud, a gay conservative organization, and host of HomoCon. While the $50 price tag will go directly to GOProud, they will be announcing their endorsement of the Romney/Ryan ticket - even though Romney opposes many gay rights, such as marriage equality. Fabulous?

Fall Retreats!
As the autumn months come, many people think about camping trips and weekend hikes through the fall foliage. Candidates are thinking the same way, with several hosting multi-day fundraisers. First, John Boozman, R-Ark., is taking his supporters fishing on the majestic White River of Arkansas. For $2,500, you too can snag a canoe seat!

For those of you who would prefer not to rough it, Senator Roy Blunt, R-Mo., is whisking his donors to the South Carolina shore for a weekend of golfing and fun. The event takes place at The Sanctuary at Kiawah Island (a swanky looking place indeed) but PT is unsure of the price - let us know if you have the 4-1-1!

Lastly, Rep. Jackie Speier, D-Calif., is having a "Get-Away Weekend" for her fans. The invite says "Getaway to the Desert" but the address actually leads you to the Morongo Casino Resort. Let's hope donors don't lose much more than the $1,000 they'll be paying just to attend!

McCaskill Responds
We noted last week that Todd Akin went on a fundraising spree, hosting several events last week and raising thousands of dollars. It appears that his Democratic competitor for Missouri Senate, Claire McCaskill, is trying to raise some green of her own. She's heading to San Francisco for a $2,000 luncheon on Thursday. Recent polling shows that McCaskill still has a slight edge in the race - will the last-minute fundraising help secure victory?

Election season may be entering the home stretch, but there's still more debates - and always more fundraisers - to go before all is said and done. Until next time, Partiers!