Political Party Time

The (Political) Gold Rush: Go West!

President Obama and his Republican rival, Mitt Romney, are proving that you no longer have to sift through the California riverbeds to strike gold– all you have to do is ask.

Exhibit A: Party Time sources have clued us into an exclusive, high-end dinner on Columbus Day that Obama will be attending. And partiers, we mean high-end: Celebrity chefs Alice Waters and Tyler Florence will be providing the food, and Bay Area stars like John Legend and San Francisco 49ers quarterback Alex Smith will be in attendance. The event will seat 100 lucky guests, for a substantial $20,000 per plate.

But, if you can believe it, this one-of-a-kind experience is being billed as an unprecedented bargain by the Obama Victory Fund. Party Time obtained an email sent by OVF Northwest Regional Finance Director Autumn Sample that claims they have “never offered an event with POTUS of this style at the $20,000 price point, so sell it y’all!”

Scroll down to the bottom of the invite to catch a peek at the email dug up by our source.

But this isn't the only major event that Obama will be dropping by. Directly after the dinner, Obama will head to the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium for a concert headlined by perennial Obama supporter/blogger John Legend and Michael Franti. Tickets top out at $7,500, dubbed the "Golden State" package, and run down to $100, known as "Muni."

If that weren't enough, the day before will almost be an almost perfect mirror, only taking place in LA. Oct. 7 kicks off with a star-studded "30 Days to Victory" show featuring Katy Perry, Jennifer Hudson, Stevie Wonder, Jon Bon Jovi, and Earth, Wind and Fire - a line-up that might even justify its $2,500/$1,000/$250 asking price. Also in attendance will be San Antonio Mayor and DNC wunderkind Julian Castro. Could Obama be grooming him for a possible 2016 bid?

At the concert Obama will not let up, attempting to perform fundraising "Inception" - a fundraiser within a fundraiser. That's right, the President will host a backstage photoline reception while the concert is still happening. Now that's working double-time.

Once the final note has played, Obama will rush to a $40,000 Co-Host/$25,000 Guest dinner in the City of Angels. The invite isn't specific, but a meal at that price point usually comes with a surprise guest of honor - could Bubba be showing his face there too? It's certainly a possibility, considering he and Julian Castro will be attending a breakfast at the home of media mogul Michael King (he launched The Oprah Winfrey Show!.. and Dr. Phil) in nearby Pacific Palisades, a swanky celebrity neighborhood "where the mountains meet the sea." Dropping $40,000 per couple supplies a greeting, photo opp, and premium seating, but settling for $1,000 will get you a seat at the table.

But the Romney campaign hasn't ignored the Golden State either, holding two $50,000+ fundraisers in late September. The first took place in historic Strawberry Hill, where Romney himself entertained guests that paid up to $100,000 for the pleasure of his company. The second was a celebrity reception with stars like Gary Sinise, Patricia Heaton and Dennis Miller and producer Jerry Bruckheimer.

California has certainly drawn in presidential interest, even prompting some to say it's "getting some swing-state-level love." Despite its firm Democratic position, both Obama and Romney have extracted millions there, largely thanks to high-end soirees from Beverly Hills to the Bay Area.

The gold rush may be long over, but the presidential candidates are proving that California can still produce political gold. Eureka indeed.

(Illustration: Duncan1890 via iStockphoto.com)