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Mitt Romney's oops of a day: The paper trail

Mitt Romney's now infamous diss of the 47 percent took place May 17 on his second fundraiser of the day in the plush precincts of Boca Raton, Fla. Party Time has unearthed the invite for the first. It shows that Marc Leder, the host of the more intimate evening event where Romney made what he's now characterizing as "off-the-cuff" remarks, was also one of the sponsors of an earlier party at a local country club.

According to local press accounts, the second event was at the swank Florida home of the financier, who reportedly once hosted a bash at another one of his beachfront properties not fit for Mormon company. About 150 people are said to have attended the Leder's more buttoned-down event for Romney. Were you one of them? Still hanging onto the invite as a souvenir? Be a good Party Timer and hook us up.

Leder, incidentally, is an active donor, data extracted from our Influence Explorer reveals, and a bipartisan one, though Romney appears to be his current fave. Party Time records show he's hosted other bashes for the Republican presidential hopeful this cycle.

What prompted Romney to make such impolitic remarks? Possibly too much time with the one percent? Party Time records show Romney at another Florida country club the day before for a fundraiser and at a Jacksonville yacht club the morning of his Boca events. Or maybe he was lonesome. On the evening Romney shared his views of President Obama's supporters with a few of his friends in Boca, Party Time has the Republican candidate's wife, Ann,  at another fundraiser in Austin, Texas.

Of course, this isn't the first time that a candidate has been embarrassed by comments made to a roomful of people who paid to be in his presence, as Obama himself could no doubt console Romney.