Political Party Time

Risque Obama Fundraiser raises eyebrows

By comparison to top-rung Obama joint-fundraising committee fundraisers that can cost up to $30,800 for one event, last weekend's GoGo for Obama Fundraiser, dance party was a modest affair: The ask was $100 and the event raised $9,000 for Obama for America, according to the campaign website.

In other respects however, modest was not the word you'd use to describe it. Even promoters realized that the event, timed to take advantage of the hipsters in town for New York City Fashion Week, could cause some PR problems for the Obama campaign, so they toned down the promotional materials, they told the Washington Post.

Of course, there's no controlling a party once it gets going. The Blaze has images of the event including a patriotic thong stuffed withdollar bills and, um, other equipment.

Obama is receiving significant support form the LGBT community. Party Time has at least 11 other LGBT themed or sponsored events for Obama.

Nor is the president alone in winning the backing of the politically active community. The Gay and Lesbian Victory Fundpolitically active LGBT community is holding a Washington event this week for Rep. Tammy Baldwin, D-Wis., who is running for Senate in her home state. If elected, Baldwin would be the Senate's first openly gay member. Fittingly for more buttoned-down DC, the Baldwin event is an after-work cocktail reception.