Political Party Time

This Week's Fundraisers: The Democrats take over Charlotte, Romney fundraising, and a Dove Hunt in Oklahoma

As convention season continues in all its glories, the time has come to shift gears -- or rather, switch aisles -- as we move from the Republican convention into the Democratic convention events.

As far as party tallies go, the Democrats have left the Republicans in the dust. Party Time has logged more than 400 events in Charlotte, about double the entertainment schedule in Tampa. As for the non-convention invites, this week we only have a few, but those include two for the Romney campaign.

Here are the highlights:

The Dems flock to the Old North State: As the Republicans leave Florida, the Democrats head to North Carolina, where President Obama eked out a 2008 victory that he'd like to repeat this fall. Some of the more offbeat events on the Democratic convention party calendar:

On Sunday, amidst all the delegation welcome parties the Democratic National Convention will be hosting a class on formal dining etiquette at the Academy of Etiquette & Charm in Charlotte. Mayhap it is an opportunity for attendees to brush up on their manners before attending the many breakfasts, brunches, lunches, receptions and dinners that the convention featurs. So, if you are a little bit nervous on this front before attending your parties, bring your $75 and be prepared for a two hour lesson and a three course training meal (an empty stomach may be best for this part!).

Prepare for the zombie apocalypse! Actually not really, but something pretty close. IMPACT Film Festival is sponsoring a screening of How to Survive a Plague at the convention on Tuesday at the Mez & EpiCentre Theatre at 10 a.m.

Late that same evening, the Planned Parenthood Action Fund will be hosting a Sex, Politics and Cocktails party. Fund President Cecile Richards will be featured at the party. There is no record for the cost of this event.

Nuns on the Bus is a Thursday event sponsored by Network, a national Catholic social justice lobby. It's a bus tour that has traveled cross country to showcase the work of the Catholic sisters, according to the invite. The invite indicates that the sisters will also talk about the downsides of the budget proposed by GOP vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan, chairman of the House Budget Committee.

For those who wouldn't want to miss out on their daily workout during their convention trip, the Democrats have you covered. From Tuesday to Thursday, Center for Integrative Medicine and Wellness will be hosting a Zumba/Cardio Funk Dance Fitness session. This event is also free and open to the public.

Obama Campaign in Cali: As a celebration of President Barack Obama's re-nomination, the Obama Victory Fund will be hosting a reception on Thursday at the private home of some Los Angeles supporters. In order to help host the event, individuals are asked to hand up $1,000. A "supporter couple" gets in for $750 while an individual supporter coughs up $500.

Romney campaign back to fundraising: So far we know of two fundraisers for the Republican ticket. On Wednesday, the Salt Lake City Tribune has learned, VP candidate Paul Ryan will be in Utah's capital for a reception, where tickets run from $1,000 to $25,000. There's this invite for a Thursday reception that actor Robert Duvall will be hosting at his home in Virginia horse country for well-known equestrienne Ann Romney. Is the Republican ticket holding other fundraising events? Let us know.

Hunting Doves in Oklahoma: If you love dove hunting, or are just interested in trying something new, Rep. Jim Inhofe, R-Okla., will be having his 8th Annual Oklahoma Dove Hunt at the Quartz Mountain Lodge and Resort in picturesquely-named Lone Wolf, Okla. Tickets run from $250 for a reception without the hunt to $2,500 for a "gold level" political action committee, according to the registration form on the Inhofe campaign's website.