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Mixing guns and politics: State pol raffles rifle at fundraiser

Update: NRA reports no record of giving any John McCaherty any firearm.

Missouri state Rep. John McCaherty, R, is planning on raffling off an AR 15 rifle at a fundraiser August 27, 2012. The campaign confirms that the rifle, provided by the National Rifle Association, is still the prize at the fundraiser, which is still scheduled as planned.

First spotted by the Fenton-Highridge Patch, the event will offer some 200 raffle tickets, priced at $25, for a chance to win the rifle, an in-kind donation to McCaherty's campaign, from the NRA.

The invitation highlights the fact that the rifle was Missouri made. The AR 15 rifle is one of the weapon models used in the Aurora, Colo., mass shooting.

We asked the FBI about whether the winner would have to undergo a background check before claiming the prize. We'll update when we hear back.