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International funding chase

With upcoming events in China, France, Switzerland, Sweden and Egypt, the Obama Victory Fund continues to reach out to Americans living overseas.

According to Influence Explorer records, the Obama Victory Fund raised $603,000 in itemized donations from outside the United States in 2011. Such donations are subject to U.S. laws, including who may contribute (U.S. citizens and permanent residents) and donation limits ($2,500 per person to a federal campaign). Nevertheless, American citizens with U.K. addresses raised $237,000, while those with French addresses raised $128,000, and donors with Swiss addresses contributed $113,000.

With the election gaining momentum, the Obama Victory Fund is not only returning to proven fertile territory, such as France and Switzerland, but is also branching out with new events in Asia and the Middle East.

Upcoming Events

Indeed, for the first time in Party Time history, we have a fundraiser in China. The Obama Victory Fund is asking for between $20 and $10,000 dollars to attend the kickoff event on July 11, in Shanghai.

The event is hosted by Robert Roche, former Chairman of the American Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai, and a co-chair of Technology for Obama and Americans Abroad. The Shanghai Expat reports that Roche “has committed to raising over $500,000 toward the Obama/Biden re-election campaign.”

On July 12, the Obama Victory Fund has an event in Paris with Richard Danzig, a member of President Obama's Intelligence Advisory Board, and Secretary of the Navy under former President Bill Clinton.

On Aug. 27, George Clooney is featured in a fundraiser in Switzerland. The event is hosted by Charles C. Adams Jr., head of the Geneva office of lobbying giant Akin Gump, and Matthew Barzun, an Obama bundler and former ambassador to Sweden. The Clooney event costs between $1,000 and $30,000.

Barzun and Adams then appear at another international fundraiser, this time in Stockholm on Aug. 23. Tickets are $250 per individual, $450 per couple.

Past Events

Obama did not appear at any of these past events, nor is he scheduled to appear at any of the upcoming international fundraisers.

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