Political Party Time

This Week's Fundraisers: Obama to the West Coast, Republicans to the Chesapeake Bay

The nation's lawmakers have returned from their week of rest and with them, of course, the parties. Sunlight has almost 20 events lined up for you. Here are the highlights:

More from the Obama Victory Fund: You Party Timers can pretty much expect to see Obama presidential fundraisers almost every week from here on in. The Obama campaign hasn't stopped partying for the past month now it seems! This week is no different with four parties of different prices and sizes lined up for his supporters.

On Tuesday, the Obama Victory Fund will be holding a reception with Obama for America Digital Director, Teddy Goff and its Chief Digital Strategist Joe Rospars in Brooklyn. The Obama campaign's digital strategy will be the focus of this event. Tickets start at $75 and go up to $1,500 for those who want to host.

The president himself will be flying to Seattle on Thursday for a brunch in his honor at the home of one of his inaugural donors. The pricey event costs $17,900 for individuals and $35,800 for couples.

A few hours later, Obama is expected to be at a lunch at the Paramount Theater, also in Seattle, with special musical guest Dave Matthews of the Dave Matthews Band. Event tickets start at a modest $250 but shoot up to $8,000 for a group of four who wish to be part of the photo reception.

Later in the evening, the president is expected to fly into California for a dinner at actor George Clooney's residence. This shindig will cost $35,800.

Democrat Senators Partying: It seems that all around the Democrats are having the time of their lives. This week the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee has a few events lined up for the public.

Along with their monthly roundtable breakfast briefing held on Wednesday, the Women's Senate Network will be having a discussion and lunch the same afternoon. Suggested contributions start at $500 but the lunch is free for those who pay $5,000 annual membership. Those who desire to upgrade and chair the event must have $30,800 ready.

Finally, in the evening, the committee is inviting all supporters to a "Friends on the Hill Dinner." For this event supporters have to dole out $10,000.

The Outings: Don't worry outdoorsy Party Timers, Republican lawmakers have got you covered in this category.

On Monday, Rep. Paul Broun, R-Ga., will be hosting a "day of golf" at the Springfield Golf and Country Club in Virginia. Tickets are $500 for individuals and $1,000 for political action committees.

Anglers in the GOP will have a tough choice ahead of them on Friday. Sen. Mike Crapo, R-Idaho, will be "fishing on the Chesapeake Bay" from Solomon's Island, Md. Party Time doesn't have the price or time for this event.

On the same day however, Rep. Andrew Harris, R-Md.,  is hoping to have his postponed "afternoon of charter boat fishing for rockfish" at the Rock Hall Marina, also in Maryland. To attend individuals will have to pay $500 while PACs pay $1,000. PACs that want to co-host will have to show $2,500.

For those who can't possibly choose between these two fishing events, luckily it seems that Crapo's event is expected to go into Saturday as well.