Political Party Time

Obama campaign woos France-loving elites tonight

If conservatives like to charge that liberals are chardonnay-sipping, France-loving elites, they've got some extra ammo today, with the Obama campaign turning directly to Francophiles for campaign cash.  The Obama Victory Fund is holding a Parisian cocktail reception in a wealthy Left Bank neighborhood this evening, at the famous "Glass House," which has been called the best house in Paris.

Paris Professionals for Obama is putting on the event, which features David Simas, the campaign's director of opinion research, and asks supporters for $500 or $1,500.

As a rule, donors to U.S. election campaigns must be U.S. citizens or green card holders, although that does not prohibit politicians from asking for donations all around the globe from citizens abroad. Ex-pats are asked to send a copy of their passport if they have a foreign address and wish to contribute.

This isn't the first fundraiser the Obama campaign has had abroad. Last month, Americans were able to tap into their Swiss bank accounts for a chance to have cocktails and a light supper with former White House counsel (and now the campaign's general counsel) Bob Bauer in Geneva, Switzerland. This event brought in contributions from guests ranging between $100 and $35,800--the federal limit for contributions to a campaign and party committee.

The president was not scheduled to personally attend either event.

Lindsay Young contributed reporting.