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More Fundraisers for Super Committee members

Update, Sept. 1: Committee member Rob Portman is also hosting a fundraiser, which has been added to the list below. That list will be updated as more invitations are received.

During the week of Sept. 12, the week of the deadline for the Joint Committee on Debt Reduction to hold its first meeting, one of the panel members, Rep. Jim Clyburn, D-S.C., has planned fundraisers on four consecutive days, according to newly-revealed invitations.

Clyburn at town hallThose events are just a few among the many (see list below and our page of all super committee fundraisers) being held or hosted by the members of the powerful committee as they decide how to slash at least $1.2 million from the nation's deficit—work they have already begun.

As the lawmakers deliberate, they will also be accepting campaign checks as usual. Meanwhile, lobbyists who will be prodding them on issues from tax reform to Medicare will be attending their D.C. fundraisers.

As for Clyburn, there are a total of nine fundraisers on his schedule this fall, including the first one—a "Healthcare Breakfast" at the Caucus Room on Sept. 13. Pharmaceutical companies and doctors' and hospitals' groups will no doubt be interested in attending, as cuts to Medicare and Medicaid are expected to be considered by the panel.

On Sept. 14, another super committee member, Senate Whip Jon Kyl, R-Ariz., is a special guest at a moneymaker for Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wisc,—at the Caucus Room again—for those willing to donate between $500 and $2,000.

On the following Monday, committee member Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass., is planning to leave the capital for Boston, where he is headlining a fundraiser for the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee—though few details about the event are known.

On Oct. 5, high rollers will have the chance to schmooze with Rep. Chris Van Hollen, D-Md., the headliner for a dinner benefiting his colleague, Rep. Allyson Schwartz, D-Penn. PACs are asked to chip in $2,500 or $5,00o for that affair.

Other than these newly-disclosed events there are at least six others previously reported by Party Time and other media outlets since the committee members were announced. Below is a current calendar of events involving panel members. Note that if the lawmaker is hosting the event—if it's not for his own campaign—the beneficiary committee is listed.

Aug. 31 -- Xavier Becerra -- Evening Event

Sept. 7 -- Xavier Becerra's Leadership PAC -- Baseball Game

Sept. 7 -- Dave Camp -- Reception

Sept. 13 -- Jim Clyburn --"Healthcare Breakfast"

Sept. 13 -- Patty Murray hosting -- DSCC -- Annual Fall Reception

Sept. 13 -- Rob Portman hosting -- Rep. Steve Chabot -- Reception

Sept. 13 -- Jon Kyl hosting -- Sen. Roger Wicker -- Reception --

Sept. 14 -- Clyburn's Leadership PAC -- Breakfast

Sept. 14 -- Jon Kyl hosting -- Sen. Ron Johnson -- Dinner -- POSTPONED

Sept. 15 -- Clyburn hosting -- Rep. Gabbie Giffords -- Breakfast

Sept. 15 -- Van Hollen hosting -- Rep. Tim Ryan -- Lunch

Sept. 15  -- Jim Clyburn -- Dinner

Sept. 16 -- Jim Clyburn -- Breakfast

Sept. 18 -- Chris Van Hollen's joint fundraising committee -- Evening event

Sept. 19 -- John Kerry hosting -- DSCC -- Breakfast

Sept. 19 -- Fred Upton hosting -- Pete Hoekstra -- Lunch

Sept. 21 -- Jon Kyl hosting -- Heather Wilson --Reception

Sept. 21 -- Becerra hosting -- Congressional Hispanic Caucus PAC -- Reception

Sept. 22 -- Pat Toomey's Leadership PAC -- Breakfast

Sept. 22 -- Chris Van Hollen hosting -- Reps. Tim Bishop and Kathy Hochul -- Reception

Sept. 23 -- Chris Van Hollen -- Breakfast

Sept. 23 -- Patty Murray hosting -- DSCC -- Reception

Sept. 26 -- Clyburn hosting -- Rep. Terri Sewell -- Golf and Dinner

Oct. 4 -- Jeb Hensarling hosting -- Rep. Kay Granger -- Texas Barbecue

Oct. 5 -- Chris Van Hollen hosting -- Rep. Allyson Schwartz -- Dinner Reception

Oct. 5 -- Jeb Hensarling -- Event at Investment Co Institute (reported by Politico)

Oct. 6 -- Becerra -- A Taste of Los Angeles

Oct. 10 -- Jim Clyburn -- Reception

Oct. 13 -- Jim Clyburn -- Breakfast

Oct. 13 -- Fred Upton hosting -- Tuesday Group PAC -- Reception

Oct. 16 -- Max Baucus hosting -- Sen. Jon Tester -- Event at Oceana Restaurant in New York City (reported by Politico)

Oct. 20 -- Pat Toomey -- Breakfast at Bistro Bis (reported by Politico)

Oct. 20 -- Jim Clyburn -- Reception

Oct. 24 -- Clyburn hosting -- Emanuel Cleaver -- Birthday and BBQ

Oct. 25 -- Hensarling's Leadership PAC -- Reception and Dinner at Acadiana with Speaker Boehner (reported by Politico)

Oct. 25 -- Clyburn hosting -- DCCC -- Speaker's Cabinet National Issues Conference (reported by Politico)

Oct. 25 -- Becerra hosting -- Congressional Hispanic Caucus Bold PAC -- Reception

Oct. 26 -- Clyburn's Leadership PAC -- Breakfast

Oct. 27 -- Patty Murray hosting -- DSCC -- National Innovation Conference

Oct. 27 -- Clyburn hosting -- DCCC -- Reception

Nov. 1 -- Kyl hosting -- Sen. Ron Johnson -- Breakfast

Nov. 3 -- Clyburn hosting -- Rep. John Yarmuth -- Bourbon & BBQ Birthday Bash

Nov. 4 -- Becerra hosting -- Rep. Larry Kissell -- Breakfast

Nov. 8 -- Pat Toomey -- Dinner at Charlie Palmer's (reported by Politico)

Nov. 14 -- Dave Camp hosting -- Rep. Kenny Marchant -- Dinner

Nov. 14 -- Clyburn hosting -- Steven Horsford -- Reception

Nov. 15 -- Van Hollen hosting -- Rep. Lloyd Doggett -- Breakfast

Nov. 15 -- Jim Clyburn -- Breakfast at Art & Soul

Nov. 15 -- Xavier Becerra -- Breakfast at National Democratic Club

Nov. 16 -- Clyburn's Leadership PAC -- Breakfast

Nov. 16 -- Clyburn hosting -- Charles Rangel -- Reception

Nov. 16 -- Pat Toomey -- 50th Birthday Party Reception (Reported by Politico)

Nov. 16 -- Pat Toomey -- Breakfast (Reported by National Journal)

Nov. 17 -- Jon Kyl hosting -- Sen. Orrin Hatch -- Breakfast

Nov. 17 -- Clyburn hosting -- Suzanne Bonamici -- Breakfast

correction: The original version of this post mistakenly said that a Sept. 14  fundraiser benefited Sen. Jon Kyl rather than Sen. Ron Johnson.

Update: The Oct. 4 fundraiser for Max Baucus has been canceled, Reuters reported.