Political Party Time

Health Care lobbyists unite to fundraise for lawmaker

As reported last week by Party Time, health care reform continues to be a potent fundraising issue for lawmakers. One legislator in particular has seen a large amount of funds come into her campaign from the health care industry and will perhaps do so again tonight.

Rep. Allyson Schwartz, D-Pa.,is scheduled to hold a fundraiser tonight hosted by several lobbyists for the industry. The healthcare sector was her largest contributor in the last cycle. The event is scheduled to be a dinner held at the offices of the American College of Radiology featuring fellow Rep. Xavier Becerra, D-Calif.

Geoff Werth, of the US Oncology PAC, is one of the eight listed lobbyists hosting the event. In September of last year, Party Time pointed out Werth’s event-hosting spree when he and his fellow US Oncology lobbyist Matt Brow hosted eight fundraisers in two weeks. At the time, Werth was lobbying on H.R. 2366, the Cancer Drug Coverage Parity Act, a bill that would require the coverage of oral chemotherapy drugs by private insurers. US Oncology is one of the largest purchasers of such drugs in the country and stood to benefit from the passage of the bill. Although this bill died in committee, the US Oncology and Werth are apparently still lobbying on its behalf.

Suggested contributions for the Schwartz event are $2,000 to host and $1,000 to attend.