Political Party Time

Congressman leads an exercise in fundraising

According to an invitation received by Party Time, Rep. Allen West, R-Fla., is running for Congress. No, really, he is running. And he's inviting donors to run with him.

Allen West wants to whip those Washington fat cats into shape while simultaneously collecting some campaign donations with his “Run West” event on Thursday, May 5. The event promises to start out like any other with an hour-long reception at the Capitol Hill Club, but after that the former Lieutenant Colonel of the U.S. Army will be rallying his troops for a four mile run across the National Mall.

All attendees of the event will receive a reception ticket and a runner ticket in exchange for making a donation. Those who give a generous gift of $2,500 will snag four reception and race tickets and earn the coveted “Ironman” moniker. From there, as the contribution levels fall, so go the prestige of the titles. For a donation of $1,500, an attendee becomes a “Marathoner"; for $1,000 a “Jogger”; and at $500 attendees stop being human and become “Treadmills.”

It is worth noting that of all the thousands of invitations in the Party Time database, there is a wide variety of events ranging from pheasant hunting to sailing, from bowling to Pearl Jam concerts, and even a bocce ball tournament, but this upcoming event  for West is the only one that involves running. The invite does mention that there will be separate tickets for the reception and the run so the jaunt to the mall is certainly not obligatory. The number of attendees who will opt for the run after the reception is uncertain, but one might assume that if an invitee really wants the ear of the congressman they will have to lace up and go the extra mile (or four) by joining West on the mall.