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Karl Rove raises cash for Ohio candidate

Karl Rove, the reported master-mind behind the GOP outside-spending onslaught this election, is appearing at a "private roundtable" today to benefit Ohio House candidate James Renacci.

The ask is $3,000-per-person, $6,000-per-couple for the gathering at the home of Donald and Laurie DeVille, in Canton, Ohio. Donald Deville  is president of DeVille Apartments and Builders, which specializes in lower-end rentals in the Canton area. The proceeds are to go to a special joint committee for Renacci and the Ohio state Republican party.

There is also a luncheon and a VIP reception the same day at the Brookside Country Club.

Not much information is publicly available about Deville, who contributed to the McCain campaign in 2008, as well as Kirk Schuring, who ran and lost that same year in the same district, Ohio's sixteenth. He was not available for immediate comment.

The race, which is rated as a "tossup" by Cook Political report, has already drawn a large amount of independent expenditures. The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee and unions have paid out $1.3 million opposing Renacci, while The 60-Plus Association and AUL Action NFP, a pro-life organization, have spent $638,000 against Renacci's opponent, John Boccieri.

Earlier this week, Sarah Palin included the race on her new "Take Back the 20" website.

This is the first invitation Party Time has acquired this year that lists Rove as a draw. The database includes three other fundraisers he hosted in 2008 and 2006.