Political Party Time

Because the night is made for fundraisers

It may not be too late for lobbyists to nab a congressional fundraiser ticket for Bruce Springsteen's performance tonight at the Verizon Center, which I blogged earlier about here.  We've now got nine fundraisers in our Party Time database for the big event, most for Democrats. We also just got this one in, an event sponsored by the American Resort Development Association PAC (which I blogged about here today)  benefitting the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee and featuring a special guest: Rep. Barney Frank.

However, some GOPers are going to the Boss' show, too. Politico found some additional invitations, including a sold-out event benefiting the House Conservative Fund, whose mission is "to return the Republican party to its Ronald Reagan roots." (Fans will remember that Springsteen was not happy about the Reagan campaign's use of the Song "Born in the USA.")

Todd MItchell, chief of staff for Republican Rep. Leonard Lance, whose invitation can be found here, told Politico that his boss' attendance was: "Just two Garden State guys doing a little bipartisanship Jersey-style."